Delaware Basin

Winkler County, TX

  • ~1100 gross acres, 10.72% WI (non-operated)
  • MECO IV to operate the leasehold
  • Rich Masterson (geologist) originated project
  • 75% NRI on the project
  • 10,000 foot laterals can be drilled as well as 5,000 foot laterals
  • First well spud in Q2 of 2018, currently producing from the Wolfcamp A interval
  • Contains five prospective benches or “stacked pay zones” where as many as 20 long laterals and potentially 19 short laterals can be drilled
  • Primary Targets
    • Wolfcamp A&B
    • Upper 2nd Bone Spring
    • Lower 2nd Bone Spring
  • Over pressured
  • Excellent offset production in Winkler County
    • Jagged Peak Bone Spring IP over 3,000 BOEPD