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Torchlight Announces Scientific Information on University Founders B-19 Well #1 in Orogrande and Plans for Completion

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PLANO, TX -- (Marketwired) -- 07/05/16 -- Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRCH) ("Torchlight" or the "Company") today announced that it has received scientific information back from third party providers who performed the testing on the University Founders B-19 #1 well. A series of logs were run and analyzed including a triple combo log, a cased hole log, a lithoscan and a sonic imaging log. In addition, 25 sidewall cores were produced in the primary pay zone.

"We are encouraged with the initial results from the scientific component of the Founders B-19 #1 well," stated Rich Masterson, Torchlight's consulting geologist. "The scientific information gathered to date gives every indication that the University Founders B-19 #1 well is as good or better than the Rich A-11 #1 well. To this point in the geological evaluation, rock brittleness looks very good with low frac gradients, good oil cuts in samples and cores and excellent porosity and matrix permeability for oil shales. We are also seeing good calcite and dolomite cementation and low clay content. The University Founders B 19 #1 well is comparing closely to analogies in the Midland Basin Wolfcamp A and B and Lower Spraberry. Production will be validated once the frac is delivered in the coming weeks and providing a successful frac is delivered, the rocks are viable for production."

Following the subject well reaching total depth, Schlumberger ran Triple Combo logs and drilled sidewall cores in the open hole. 4 ½ inch casing was cemented in the well bore and Schlumberger ran a Cement Bond Log that indicated a good cement job to 4880 feet. This depth correlates 750 feet above the uppermost potential perforation in the Upper Pennsylvanian pay. Schlumberger also ran Petrophysical and Rock Mechanic logs with sidewall core information from tight rock analysis being integrated. A comparison of the range of geological parameters between the subject well and Torchlight's nearby University Rich A-11 #1 well is below.

The following table gives a side-by-side comparison of the University Founders B-19 #1 well and the University Rich A-11 #1 well.

Key Characteristics   University Founders B-19 #1   University Rich A-11 #1
Porosity   4.09% - 21.58%   4.02% - 8.46%
Matrix Permeability   970nd - 2745nd   863nd - 1704nd
Plug Perm   .0007md - .0124md   .0001md - .054md
Oil Saturation   1.6% - 4.2%   1.7% - 5.1%
Water Saturation   23.2% - 45.2%   31.9% - 40.8%
Gas Filled Porosity   2.2% - 14.45%   1.82% - 3.85%
Brittle Shale   390 feet +   455 feet
Ductile Shale Seal   224 feet   425 feet
    617 feet structurally low to the Rich Well with good correlations    

"The scientific information collected thus far further validates the geology," commented John Brda, CEO of Torchlight Energy. "We are looking forward to performing completion procedures in the coming weeks to identify oil productivity and potential for future horizontal development."

For the full slide comparison, please click the following link: Well Comparison.

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